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Morris Minor Models Available - Limited stocks left

If you are a Morris Minor enthusiast why not buy a model of your car or do you know someone else who would appreciate a model of a car they used to have.

Most variants of the Morris Minor are catered for.

We used to run a company selling Morris Minor Model Cars as we were avid Morris Minor Enthusiasts and owned 2 Morris Minor cars, an ex army traveller, which we have had since 1978 and still own, and we also owned a modified saloon which we parted with after having owned and run it daily for 13 years.

Our traveller.jpg (87780 bytes)            RFN621G.jpg (54392 bytes)

We have been active members of the Morris Minor Owners Club for over 40 years. In 1998 we were commissioned by the Morris Minor Owners Club to work with Corgi to produce a commemorative gold plated Morris Minor Saloon for the 50th anniversary of the Morris Minor.  These were produced by Corgi in a limited run of 5000 altogether but only those sold through ourselves had certificates which had been signed both by Corgi Classics and the Morris Minor Owners Club (We were given all 5000 certificates). 

We folded the Company in 2001 and no longer trade or stock new models as it was becoming increasingly difficult to devote the time to the ever increasing promotional models that were being produced, but we will continue to take orders by mail orders for existing stocks which are on this website which I will try to keep the website up to date. So if you are missing some, please do not hesitate to contact me as I still have quite a few models available to choose from. We also have some one off models which David had in his personal collection, but as we have downsized now, he is selling these off and just keeping the older models such as Victory, Mimic and Victory.  They are perfect condition and have just been kept in our cabinet.

All prices shown are exclusive of postage. Please do not hesitate to contact me for a quote on additional costs for postage.

I cannot accept credit/debit cards or foreign currency cheques (including Euro cheques) due to charges being levied on encashment. I can accept direct into my bank by BACS in GBP.  Please contact me to agree method and amount of payment before ordering and to check availability.

For quotes for postage and to agree methods of payment and check for any of the models,please contact

                                            LESLEY PRICE